Organic farmers, Panier Péi: a new cause for Pardon !

Committed, we are at Pardon! Since then, no need to draw a picture to prove our willingness to take care of our dear Mother Earth. Although in the end, drawing is a bit like DNA Pardon! ? What we mean, but you have understood it, is that we are committed to making our contribution to a bluer, greener and less gray planet. Cleaner what.

Really yes, at Pardon!, we have this will to act for a more beautiful and just world. In short, a better world! Care bears you find? Not even, just a desire rooted in the brand's identity. A brand which, let us remember, nonetheless appeals to a certain number of Reunion Islanders (including you, who are reading this article). So a desire which, potentially, is shared by many.

Organic for a more beautiful world

Well yes, do you want to continue living in a world where we (badly) treat the land which is nevertheless kind enough to welcome us? Do you want to live in a world where you don't even care where the vegetables, fruits and meat you eat come from? Or in a world where the cotton that is used to make your clothes is grown without any environmental concerns, boosted by chemicals, all without any consideration for the producers? And well we, NO!

This is why the cotton we use in our t-shirts , the vast majority of it is organic. This is also why our commitment and our ecological responsibility are certified by a label, GOTS. A label which guarantees in particular that the fibers used to produce the clothes come from organic farming, and that no toxic or carcinogenic substance is used.

Pardon! supports farmers

Finally, that's why we want to go even further in our approach by supporting the farmers of our island. So in May we will collaborate with Péi basket. Do you know the concept? Baskets of fruit and vegetables from organic or sustainable agriculture, to be ordered and delivered directly to work or near home. The latter are remunerated at the right price, a price that enhances their work and encourages them in their approach to practice and promote sustainable agriculture. But also their approach to promoting the great wealth of the Reunion region.

And to make this great initiative a reality, as you can imagine, we made t-shirts. One part will be distributed to producers, while the other will be for sale on the website of Péi basket.

But that's not all ! Hélène, co-founder of “Panier Péi, regularly offers podcasts available on Itunes Podcast or Spotify. And very soon, a member of our team will participate in the interview, accompanied by an organic producer! Pardon! et Péi basket will spoil you! Are you not going to miss this ?!

So stay connected on our networks, because this project is really close to our hearts! We are more than delighted to collaborate with the team of Péi basket, who has great projects on the go. Be prepare everybody, all products are coming!

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