CATHOLIC WORSHIP Catholicism is the most widely practiced religion. Successive arrivals are often baptized ex officio. There are about 70 churches all over the island. Some are famous, like that of Notre-Dame des Laves, which was almost destroyed by an eruption, or that of Sainte-Anne, which served as the backdrop for a film by […]

Batay roosters - A passion and a country tradition

“COUNTRY” TRADITION The “batay-coqs” although legally prohibited, remains tolerated in the name of the patrimonial value (law of 1964). Raised, pampered and trained like real athletes, these roosters represent a real economic interest for their owners. Which explains why even if the fighting is bloody, there is rarely a fatal outcome. The […]

The first Pardon design! purchasable in NFT

[et_pb_section fb_built = ”1 ″ _builder_version =” 3.22 ″ min_height = ”1076.1px”] [et_pb_row _builder_version = ”3.25 ″ background_size =” initial ”background_position =” top_left ”background_repeat =” repeat ”] [et_pbilder_column 4 = ”4 ″ custom_padding =” ||| ” custom_padding__hover = ”|||”] [et_pb_text _builder_version = ”3.25 ″ background_size =” initial ”background_position =” top_left ”background_repeat =” repeat ”] Ah ok, great! Well done Sorry! But what is an NFT anyway? Yes because hey, it's not all to play the avant-garde brand at the forefront of new information, communication and marketing technologies, it is still necessary […]