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Under the sunlights of the tropics

Some liked Miami Vice, we much prefer Reunion Vice!

Far from the big polluting and noisy cities, life is much healthier on the island of Reunion.
Sunset and beauty of an evening, daily life in the tropics.




Serenity, calm, sweet melody… what do these words mean to you? They are reminiscent of the tropics men's t-shirt. Made with durable materials, this t-shirt has the particularity of slipping into any decor, in all circumstances, and above all of having a long lifespan. So buying it comes down to making a sustainable acquisition over the long term. In addition, it is beautiful.

A heavenly setting to invite happiness to your home

It's hard to miss this original t-shirt without noticing it. First, its design is unique. Scratched with a design that recalls the calm and sweetness of coastal life, it allows you to remember the beautiful memories of your trips on the bay or on the island of Reunion.

A coconut tree erected above a row of hills overlooking the river, such is the paradisiacal setting that emerges on the tropics men's t-shirt.

In addition, there is the beautiful drawing of the dog nestled under the coconut tree which gives character to this t-shirt. It gives off softness, happiness and a deep sense of relaxation. Invite happiness to visit you and establish its home in your home by opting for this t-shirt.

The tropics men's t-shirt: practical in all circumstances

If the t-shirt inspires softness, it is not only because of its design, but also because of the harmonious mix of colors that characterizes it. A pink sunset, a series of yellow hills, a giant coconut tree with green branches and a small smiling orange dog… The tropics men's t-shirt is a real festival of colors.

Thanks to the many colors that compose it, the t-shirt fits nicely into the configuration of your outing outfits. Go to the beach, go shopping, visit friends, whatever the circumstance, it accompanies you always and everywhere. What is more, its black color allows it to combine with all other clothes. Dare to wear a black t-shirt and white shorts to break fashion codes. All eyes on you!

Find your model ... at your size

The Pardon brand wants to be as close as possible to the needs of its customers. For this reason, we are diversifying our product range. Indeed, the product is available in several sizes: S, M, L and XL. You will therefore find the ideal model in our range. Think outside the box by opting for the tropics men's t-shirt, a unique, particular and essential t-shirt.