The girl Pardon! " , You know her ?

It's a bit us, it's a bit you, it's also a bit them. the girl Pardon!, she is above all a free and liberated woman. A woman who dares and asserts herself, a woman who loves life. A cheerful, mischievous, mischievous, charming, charming, elegant, uninhibited, beautiful and rebellious woman. So do you recognize her?

It's true that it's starting to date a bit (uh ... 1984 anyway!) But Cookie Dingler had understood everything about the girl Pardon!. But yes, Liberated woman, remember! The one who subscribes to Marie Claire and who, in the Nouvel Obs, only reads Brétécher. The one who secretly buys Match because, frankly, it's a lot more fun than Le Monde. The one who has fun in bed with a macho even though she knows he won't love her further than dawn. The one who admits her age without complexes, who smokes a little joint from time to time, and the one who is so fragile and should not be let down.

Well this liberated woman from the 80s, it's still her in 2021, and she is the girl Pardon!

Free, liberated and uninhibited

Casually, it's not that easy to be a girl Pardon! Nowadays. To be free and without complexes, to assume, to brave (sometimes, yes) the gaze (contemptuous, envious, eager) of others. In short, not that easy to be good in your head and in your trainers and to show it to the 21st century.

And at Pardon!, we women love them! And we love them precisely because there is nothing obvious or easy about being a woman, in Reunion, in metropolitan France or anywhere else on the globe. We love them and we say it loud and clear. We love them and we love to celebrate them, even if it happens that we shock (well, at the same time it's a bit our DNA… to shock, finally to hurt, a little what).

The statement Pardon! Women's

It all started several years ago…. At the time, we offered shirts et T-Shirts for men, which women put forward by wearing them in our advertisements. Shocking eh? From now on, if nothing prevents the Zolies Aunties from wearing the shirts of their movement, they can also choose among the models created especially for them.  

Urban all in simplicity. Chic but relaxed. Light and well cut. Sophisticated, timeless, in tune with the times, suitable for bistro evenings in town or aperitifs by the lagoon. Our collections tops et underwear women are all that at the same time, a style which belongs only to her, to this "girl Pardon! That we love so much.

To celebrate it properly, and on the occasion of International Women's Rights Day, we have some nice surprises in store for it. Find more information on our Facebook or our Instagram 😉

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