December 20 is a public holiday for Reunion.

It is the date that marks the abolition of slavery on the island. Also called “Reunion Island Freedom Day"Or"Fet Kaf”In Creole, this day marks a very important time of commemoration for the people of Reunion.

Celebrated in the four corners of the island, December 20 is one of the most festive moments on Reunion Island.

In Réunion this public holiday celebrates the slave memory. Through Kabars, in parades, concerts, international conferences, the objective is to remind the younger generations, as well as the older ones, of a whole part of Reunion's history.

The opportunity also to highlight notions of freedom, of respect and equality.

The 20 December 1848, 62 slaves, men and women torn from their land in Africa and Madagascar, found their liberté, after the official announcement of the abolition of slavery by the governor Sarda Garriga.

Reunion is a land of crossbreeding which unites in particular around its common history with slavery.

All the communities thus celebrate December 20 as a testimony to this shared heritage and celebrate in Music freedom and Reunionese identity.

For visitors passing through Reunion Island, on vacation or visiting, participating in this event is an opportunity to fully immerse themselves in the culture and history of The meeting. 

The context Covid obliges, it is an exceptional December 20 which will take place this year in Reunion Island.

Thus, this year, there will be no big parade or big gatherings for the Fèt Kaf. But the municipalities have rebounded and are proposing, this year, a Programs adapted to the health situation.


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