Like always PARDON! shows imagination to bring the island to life.

This year Santa Claus Pardon walked a long journey on the island of Reunion aboard a ox cart for a return to sources and local traditions.


In the old days ox carts were the only way the little planter had to transport his sugar cane to the factory.

For the launch of new Parcel PARDON! , we wanted to get closer to the Reunionese culture through original and focused communicationcreole identity.

The idea of ​​the charrette was naturally needed to publicize our two exclusives in collaboration with CHATEL et ROYAL BOURBON; The first arranged and tin can Pardon.

(Arranged Banana and Rougail Pistass)


From November 17 to 20, the cart crossed all major cities of Reunion under the command of Sandy the carter. 

During these four days Sandy showed us all his talent for leading a team two bulls- which he is the only one on the island to handle. An ancient know-how that would have fallen into oblivion had it not been for his passion and energy to maintain a traditional bequeathed by his grandfather.

In Sandy's crew, there was Pascal the animator and the hostess.

Four days of pilgrimages intense where we met the reunion, distributed the gifts, presented the new packages and made the population participate in a game Freedom.

The 17 / 11 / 21

Saint Anne Church.

It is the start of our trip, the weather is nice, it's hot, the cart is in place, the music is blaring.

The inhabitants of the neighborhood se ask what's happening. Tourists just like locals unsheathe their cameras and phones to capture this unique moment.

Direction Saint Benoit center and a stop in front of the town hall, a few people are already waiting for us after the announcement on Freedom Radio.

It's the start of the show, music, quizzes et good mood are waiting for you!

It's time to go after a break for the bulls, ZANGUY AND BAMBI.

Direction Saint Andrew and to end this last day on a high note, we stop at the Niagara Falls. 

children are there, they are impressed, and a little boy in the crowd says to his mother "Mum but what is hanging in the middle of the oxen?" "!

The 18 / 11 / 21

Departure from Chaudron at 9 am, the cart goes around the city with our motivated animator! Titi the Comik et Tony boyer surprise us by boarding our cart to set the mood in the neighborhood.

It's euphoria, people shout, dance and gather around the cart. The children come out of classes with the teachers to admire our « Christmas sleigh ».

Then pass by Camellia and direction of downtown Saint Denis for a big show at the store PARDON!

The 19 / 11 / 21 

A turn to Saint Paul Fairground Market followed by a tour in Saint-Gilles-les-Bains et at the shop PARDON!.

Pascal the host decides to make passers-by play by inviting them to sit on the beach of the shop! Between laughter and joke, future customers leave smiling with our Goodies. 

And you can't go west without going on the beautiful beaches of the Hermitage!!

To end the day, direction the city of Saint Leu and the shop PARDON!

The 20 / 11 / 21 

Start of the day at Saint Pierre Fairground Market, it's hot, tourists and locals join in our event.

Then direction the mall shop large wide.

Just after, time to take a walk in the city center of Saint Louis in contact with the population, we leave to finish our trip for the day. 

After a bit of driving, here we are at Saint Pierre seafront and the town center.

To end with a show at the shop PARDON! Saint Pierre with Sequins and champagne to celebrate the Boss's birthday but also the end of this crossing. (you can find the lives of this end of the day on the page Facebook). 

A unique experience which brings together people from Reunion Island and tourists around a rare event: the cart Pardon!

To redo?

Thank you all for taking part in our island tour! We hope to see you again soon!

Respect for barrier gestures has been maintained throughout the trip. 


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