The first design Pardon! purchasable in NFT

Ah ok, great! well done Pardon! But what is an NFT anyway?

Yes because goodIt's not all about playing the avant-garde brand at the forefront of new information, communication and marketing technologies, you still have to know how to explain exactly what it is all about. So let's try to see it more clearly. Pardon! put on his schoolmaster's outfit and talk to you about NFT, with which you can buy the design 5 fruits & vegetables per day.

NFT as Non fungible token (or a non-fungible token, such as TNF in this case, or “non-fungible token”). So much for the translation of this new acronym of the cryptocurrency family. An example of what a good is fungible maybe to start? Take a banknote or a coin. We speak of good fungible insofar as they are interchangeable ; the bill or the coin that I gave to my baker will continue on its way and finish its course where the wind will carry it, far from home or perhaps back in my wallet, who knows. Everything is possible indeed since we can use and interchange them as we wish.

The DNA of NFTs

Conversely, non-fungible tokens cannot be interchanged that easily. If I can exchange a 10 € note for another 10 € note or two 5 € notes, on the other hand, I cannot exchange two so easily. NFT ; each has indeed specific characteristics that distinguish them from their boyfriends NFT. Each NFT has its DNA in a way, which makes it unique and, therefore, non-interchangeable and non-fungible. Hence the non-fungible Token. CQFD.

Can you see more clearly?

It is less vague at least we hope?

It remains to make the link between non-fungibility and cryptocurrency and we should be good. Most cryptocurrencies are fungible, unlike… to what? To see if you have followed correctly? To the NFT of course which, due to their unique characteristics, cannot be used like this. To be a little concrete, imagine, for example, collector stamps. If, a priori a stamp is a stamp, in the world of philatelists a stamp is EVERYTHING except another stamp. Each stamp is unique, and it is what gives it its value.

That's it, we're there ! It is this singularity and uniqueness that give NFT their value. And so, if we continue on our very logical path, the value of a NFT also values ​​the good to which it relates. This explains the craze of NFT in the artistic world in particular, since acquiring a NFT linked to a work creates an exclusive link and can give rise to a really interesting transaction if the value of the NFT comes to climb. Which can happen very quickly.


So if you want to make your entry into the world of NFT by acquiring the first design Pardon! monetizable in this way, it is by here that it happens. Note that the famous and precious design Pardon! is sold for 2 BAKE, and that thanks to the Binance Smart Chain used, transactions are ultra fast and efficient. Life is not good!


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