The star of the stars. 

Reunion is a volcanic island, Piton de la Fournaise is the second largest volcano on the planet. With an average rash every year, it is one of the most most active in the world.

Another one who knows how to put on a show for the happiness of hundreds of thousands of visitors who come to admire it every year. When sleeping, the Snape de la Fournaise is climbed for the simple pleasure of treading a sleeping lava monster.

The view is breathtaking at the top, overlooking a gaping hole in 300 meters caused thirteen years ago, following the most spectacular eruption in recent decades. For two years he spit frequently and always in the same place.

Unlike this famous 2007 eruption where the lava river reached the flowing ocean for several weeks ... with 4 eruptions between 2015 and 2016, some of which do not last more than a few hours. Each time, thousands of curious come from all over the island to admire the show, most of them move at night. Walking nearan hour and a half from the Piton de Bert, where we risk absolutely nothing. Only the scientists, some professionals press and law enforcement have the right to access the eruptions from the front row.

Obviously, there are always burnt heads (no bad puns ..). It must be said that before it was open barWithin 90s, the little boys were peeing on the casting. And then, in 2003, a young man falls in an eruptive corridor… And we will only find his camera… Since then, the volcano is secure up close with each eruption. The door is condemned and access is now prohibited. Question of security or fear of responsibilities among decision-makers. Ocean, volcano, give back to us Reunion Island! 

Miscellaneous facts: 

Some rashes remain in the annals, that of 1977 has undoubtedly marked history from Reunion Island.

With the evacuation of the inhabitants of White wood, the dozen squares destroyed and especially the apocalyptic vision of this huge lava flow who will throw himself into theIndian Ocean after walking along the walls of the small church of Piton Sainte Rose.

All these images remain engraved in people's minds of those who have seen or experienced this incredible rash. Against all expectations, the lava did not touch a brick of the church, to believe that it was well protected by the Lord. It was then renamed “Our Lady of Laves".

After doing the show on December 22, 2021, the star makes her big comeback 2 weeks later! This Thursday January 05, 2022, the Piton de la Fournaise had a renewed activity at the level of the eruptive cone. The lava lake overflows of the cone and along the field of tunnel lava located downstream of the cone ... Will it stop soon?

Here is the link of the video taken by Réunion Première:

Following this, we made t-shirts with the effigy of Snape de la Fournaise and essential outings around.

?Here are some examples :

Some must-see outings around the volcano: 

  • The City of the Volcano : On the road to the volcano, it is one of the regional museums and offers to dive into the heart of the geology de Réunion and Snape de la Fournaise : lava tunnel, holographic projection, augmented reality, 4D cinema, 270 ° panoramic screen… It is also a educational and scientific center ! What better way to learn the history of Réunion and its volcanoes?
  • The Plain of Sands : On the forest road which leads to the volcano before reaching the No Bellecombe, Plaine des Sables plateau reveals landscapes lunar et desert. Only the track that crosses it reminds us that we are still on Earth.
  • The Pas de Bellecombe : To the end of the forest road of the volcano, the point of view of No Bellecombe offers a spectacular panorama of the Snape de la Fournaise andFouqué enclosure. It's here ONLY access door at the volcano. It allows you to borrow hiking trails who crisscross the enclosure and climb to the top of the Dolomieu crater.

  • The Dolomieu crater : The highest point of the massif from Piton de la Fournaise to 2632cm, it's the last boiler formed by the volcano. Its ascent is possible, off eruption, and allowsadmire the crater (collapsed in 2007) and sublime panoramas onFouqué enclosure.

The Piton de la Fournaise has been an active volcano for thousands of years… Hope it lasts !!
















Photo taken during therash of 08 Janvier 2022 à 20h, when the lava lake overflows at the level of the eruptive cone.

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