Mixed race, did you say mixed race?

Once upon a time there was an island ... mixed. This island, it was called Reunion Island and, as if to honor this name so nicely found, and well imagine that Reunion Island is a living hymn to mixing, a tribute to diversity, the incarnation of interbreeding. So inevitably, we who are so proud of our island at Pardon!, we are also downright proud of this cocktail with a thousand faces, ten thousand colors and a hundred thousand cultures. At least all that!

Rest assured, we are not going to give you a history lesson, or even redo history. But still, remember. When, towards the end of the 17thst century, the work in the plantations requires a little very cheap labor, one brings in Africans and Malagasy (ah… the slave trade!). The latter bring with them, in addition to their life and their arms, their culture. So black-skinned slaves, soon joined by slightly lighter-skinned slaves, who come from India, also with their culture and traditions.

And then when, after the judicious decision to abolish slavery in 1848, it is decided to set up "employment contracts", then land on the island of committed African, Malagasy, Chinese, Indian, Malaysian workers, Polynesians and even Australians. Free this time, with a five-year contract in hand to be able to work and live on the island, all with perfect freedom of worship.

A name to the hair!

Do you now understand why Reunion is said to be one of the most mixed-race areas in the world? You know a lot of magical places like our island where yabs (white Creoles), Kaffers (black descendants of African slaves), Malagasy, Malbars (Tamil Indians), Zarabes (Muslim Indians) rub shoulders and live together. ), Chinese, Comorians ... Without forgetting, a little further but we think of them, the zoreils (or zoreys) of the metropolis!

A beautiful mosaic and a beautiful ethnic and cultural mix which constitute the identity and the richness of Reunion. Frankly, we could not have dreamed of better than this name, Reunion, for our piece of land. Even if originally it had nothing to do, but absolutely nothing, with this crossbreeding that we talk about and that we love about Pardon! No, for the little info, we owe our beautiful name to a meeting of Marseille federates and Parisian national guards. Nothing to see we told you!

Shaker island

Nothing to see except that Reunion today is a land of meetings: meetings of ideas, meetings of minds, colors, smells, landscapes, ages, religions, flavors, genres… Reunions of ethnicities, cultures, traditions, languages. Take French, mix it with a zest of Malagasy, a hint of Hindi, a dash of Portuguese or even a finger of Tamil and you get Reunionese Creole in all its splendor. That's why, of course, we love cocktails so much in Reunion!

Muslims, Christians, Jews, Chinese, Hindus, animists and even atheists live here in beautiful intelligence and in perfect harmony. And we at Pardon !, we love this mix, this diversity, this diversity and this variety. And we have a word to say "Crossbreed!" "

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