Mi aim a ou Momon

Who said that a free, committed and provocative spirit couldn't be sentimental? More than a name or a brand, Pardon!, it is also a team behind which hides individuals. And yes ! And behind each of these individuals beats a small heart. And then behind every little heart is, guess who? A mother. Whether we like it or not, we would be nothing without a mom, a mother, a momon.

Like Mother Earth, unique and so precious, that Pardon! invites to respect and preserve by taking part in different awareness raising operations, each mother is also unique and oh so precious! This is why it is so important to take care of our dear mothers, to love them and to tell them that we love them.

And no, don't see it as misplaced sentimentality or unnecessary sentimentality. We love them our momons, all momons, and we want to tell them about us, at Pardon! As we also want to say that we love free and liberated women, girls Pardon!

Because it is fine to say it, but to become a mother, to give birth, to suffer to give birth; and then after giving, a lot, often, even all the time, time, energy, love, sometimes to the detriment of his own life, of his own needs and desires, and well that's nothing that obvious.

Say it with a t-shirt ...

And even if all that seems perfectly natural for everyone, namely to give birth, to educate, to cook, to wash, to clean, to console, to listen… and then also to be sent for a walk (adolescence, you know?), And well we are told that it deserves a little tribute. No, being a mom isn't that natural, even though it may sound like it. Becoming a mother can be learned. And being a mom can be celebrated and celebrated, at least once a year!

It is well known, the love of a mother for her children, it is immense like infinity, like a galaxy, like sky, space, the universe and more. Fortunately, the love of their children is also very, very great. A love that translates in different ways, from the necklace of noodles when we are very young to the flower picked from the neighbor when we are less young, to the earrings bought with dad, then the vase bought with our first savings . And then finally, one day, the first bouquet of flowers! (to go in the vase…).

… And a cover!

Us at Pardon !, we find that all ideas are good and that there is "neither good nor bad" to show your love for your mother. And for us, the best way we know to say "I love you" is… What is it in your opinion?

Yeah, the T-shirt ! But obviously not just any t-shirt! A special edition with the little heart, the fit that goes well and the limited edition clutch. A “Réunion lontan” pouch, vintage as you wish, and which could have many other uses.

So do not wait too long, for Mother's Day, a purchased t-shirt is a clutch of your choice offered. And what do we say? We say Mi aim a or Momon ...

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