Feedback on the cleaning of Cap La Houssaye

It was a month ago, last February 27th. A clean-up operation on Cap de La Houssaye was carried out in partnership with Best run et Kelonia. Maybe you were there? Maybe not, but you want to know what happened? Or maybe not. Come on, end of the suspense. We tell you all about this milestone event and we leave the floor to those who wet the shirt for this garbage collection in due form!

What Julie, marketing assistant at Pardon!

« The results of this day are more than positive. We were expecting a maximum of 100 people. Finally, there were about 200 of us, both on land and underwater. It was more than hoped for, so much so that we didn't have enough t-shirts for everyone! However, we would have liked to have children with us for this cleaning day. It seems important to us to raise awareness from an early age.

We are lucky to have a rich and varied heritage in Reunion, and I find that so unacceptable to damage it. Honestly, I don't think people care enough about protecting the environment, and that's a shame. However, I have the opportunity to see more and more operations, events on social networks to clean up the island. It is encouraging even if it is not yet enough.

My most vivid memory of this morning cleaning? When all the volunteers have gathered at the end, forming a circle around the waste. Being able to see, all together, all the waste that we were able to collect in 3 hours was strong! We collected 1 ton of garbage!

The final word ? A big THANK YOU to everyone present during this cleaning, whether they are our partners, volunteers or ordinary people. Do not hesitate to contact us at [email protected] if you want to be a part of the next cleaning adventure! ».

"The best waste is the one that we do not produce"

Margot, from Best run, reminds us that " marine pollution is generated by 80% land inputs and 20% maritime inputs. "

If she's happy with that cleanse day? " Yes, very satisfied with this day! We organize it Once a year since 1 and the number of participants continues to increase. According to our feedback, people come mainly out of curiosity. You know, since the problem of plastic pollution is increasing, it is also more and more popularized. We are fortunate in Reunion to be able to observe a rich, endemic and indigenous flora and fauna, which reminds us every day that we must protecting.

Awareness of this issue is therefore natural and daily. It was important to realize this event with Pardon! et Kelonia to educate the population, that people realize the amount of waste collected, but also its nature. "

Always a shock!

The vivid memory will remain for Margot « the vastness of the waste collected by the participants! Waste that had until then been scattered in the nature of Cap La Houssaye. Obviously, once gathered, it always comes as a shock! It's striking, because it's visual. Not to mention that this pile of waste contrasts with the biodiversity present underwater : corals, sea turtles and tropical fish… We gave them a little freedom. "

« If this event had taken place outside the health crisis, it would have been interesting to be able to compare the waste collected at sea with that collected on land. Next time so!

Actions in sight? Upcoming projects? " We would like to start by setting up a tide tank on the site of Cap La Houssaye with an explanatory visual on marine pollution, its impacts and the solutions to be implemented, in partnership with Pardon!.

The association BEST RUN is managed by volunteers from the Biology of Island and Tropical Ecosystems master's degree from the University of Reunion.

A little kiss to finish? " Yes, we would like to share with you the magic formula to improve the way you consume in a sustainable way: the KISS rule!

5 questions to ask yourself before consuming:

B as need: what need does this purchase meet?

I as immediate: is it time to buy?

S like similar: do I already have a similar object?

O as origin: where does this product come from?

U as utility: will this object be useful?

Laurent, from Dodo Palmé, who took care of the marine cleaning,

"For having carried out regular cleaning of Cape La Houssaye for 10 years, I would say that it is not the worst of the collections, in the sense that we have only recoveredten kilos of things that have nothing to do under the sea, like abandoned fishing lines, reinforcing bars which serve as ballast for fishermen (because it is cheaper than lead), glass bottles and a lot of small plastic, and therefore easily absorbed by animals. However, we cannot say either that there is less junk underwater; every diver or freediver collects a little bit every day during the year. Which was not necessarily the case a few years ago.

As for the environmental protection awareness, we cannot generalize the population: some people respect it and others don't care. From there, I think that we are not ready to stop cleaning, and that some think that they can continue to pollute since we are cleaning behind them !!!

There were 16 of us on the boat. We were lucky to have amazing diving conditions: clear water, no current, lots of fish and turtles. And everyone came out with a big smile, even if we would have preferred to bring back our bags a little less full!

We clean the Cape 2-3 times a year in this way, but just within the Palmé Dodo. We have another site near us called Tahiti which is also full of all kinds of fishing lines. More difficult to program because you depend on the weather to get there. And another in Possession Bay, easier to access.

A word to finish? let's go on ! ".

And there was exactly what was beautiful in the ton of waste collected?

Classic, banal, basic, namely (720 liters), plastic bottles (1000 L), cigarette butts (3 L), from cardboard (360 L), from metal and aluminum material (360 L)…

But there was also at least common. And in this area, the prize for unusual waste goes to ... suspense ...  a washing machine ! Congratulations to the former owners of this machine who could not have asked for a better place than Cap de La Houssaye for a well-deserved retirement, after a life spent washing, wringing and emptying.


As for the winners of the competition organized by Pardon!, here they are :

  • Jérémy's team with 123 kg of waste
  • Anthony's team with 119 kg of waste
  • the Marine Brigade with 118 kg of waste

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