We are GOTS, we are organic, we are Pardon!

Nothing to do with the name of the latest fashionable sex toy. No no no ! GOTS, it is simply the name of the label which certifies the environmental quality of our clothing and which attests to our ecological commitment. Because it seems like nothing Pardon ! is a committed brand. Since we tell you!  

Several years already that Pardon ! and the preservation of the environment is a rolling story. In 2002, we launched the operation "Nique pas ta terre!" », An operation which at the time resulted in a photo competition whose purpose was to highlight certain sites of our wonderful island, with the difference that in comparison with an art photo competition, this competition highlighted the most polluted natural sites. "Don't fuck your land!" », Or another way of sightseeing in Reunion.

That was 19 years ago, and since then, do you think things have changed? Do you seriously believe it? Because no, for the record, nothing has changed, or so little. From there to saying that things got worse, it may be a bit daring. But hey, let's dare. Daring is still a bit of the DNA of Pardon!

Green but not only in words

This is why in February 2021, the brand chose to renew the operation, this time calling it "Don't fuck your land, don't fuck your sea!" ", just to push the cork (or the butt) into the sand, all combined with a cleaning operation at Cap La Houssaye.

And then just before the end of the nuclear tests in the archipelago of Mururoa, in 1995, Pardon ! had also put his two cents in history by printing a T-shirt, "Chapeau Chirac". Does that mean anything to you?

In short, all this to say that the environment, respect for the planet and all these beautiful words that we use today, wrongly and through, who to campaign in politics, who to sell laundry ... at Pardon!, it's more than just words. We are committed, we say it and we do!

That's why for a few years now, most men's T-shirts, women's tops, products for girls and boys and some baby collections have been GOTS certified.

GOTS and Pardon !, a story that lasts

Do you know that expression "It is those who say the least who do the most"? For us, for Pardon ! Respect for the environment is obvious. No need for long speeches or prompts to contribute to a bluer planet. We act and we move forward.

And this label, GOTS, has nothing to do with marketing for us. Common sense, quite simply. A label that guarantees that the fibers used for the production of clothing come from organic farming, that no toxic or carcinogenic substance is used, that water and energy consumption as well as waste management are taken into account in the specifications. GOTS also guarantees resistance to shrinkage during washing and drying, as well as color stability.

So go organic, go GOTS! Our little tribute to this label which has been accompanying us for some time now.

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