Pardon! never give up…

Like the famous phoenix rising from its ashes, Pardon! has experienced many road accidents, experienced a few incidents on the road. And even a fire, June 14, 1989. A major date marked in the identity of the brand, you can imagine! Well in spite of all that and in spite of the ill will of some, irreducible detractors of the free spirit of Pardon!, today we are more present than ever and proud to be.

A little culture to start? You know this Arabic proverb, “Don't give up, you could do it two seconds before the miracle. ”? This proverb, Pardon! perfectly embodies it, and you might not even imagine how much.

Committed and determined ...

Because the miracle, it happened when Pardon! began to touch the hearts of Reunion Island and metropolitan residents. And it still happens every day when you show your support for us, by purchasing our t-shirts and other original and stylish SO creations, or by participating in our committed SO actions, such as the last cleaning operation at Cap Lahoussaye, or our recent partnership with Péi basket.

Do you also remember? The now cult Chapeau Jacques t-shirtWhere Pardon! expressed with humor, as usual, his disapproval and dissatisfaction with the President's decision to continue nuclear testing at Mururoa. Disapproval and discontent is for the sake of beauty. In reality, Pardon! and Peter Mertes, its founder, were just extremely annoyed. Frankly angry even. In short, green with rage, not to say red. And as usual, it is with a t-shirt and a touch of humor that we transformed this nasty anger. Finally, the end of the nuclear tests was decided and recorded on January 26, 1996 by Jacques, who did not ” been insensitive to opinion movements“. You surprise me !

... like the reborn phoenix

All that to say, without wanting to be a moral advisor or a lesson-giver, no! that it is essential to always believe that it will be okay. Even in the darkest moments when everything seems to be going badly and frankly, including with a lot of imagination, you don't see how it could get better. Because yes, just imagine that everything can always work out. When you are at the bottom of the hole, tell yourself that you have two options: either stay there or decide to go up.

And that day of June 14, 1989, when the screen printing workshop in Saint-Paul had just been the subject of an arson, honestly, we could have said to ourselves “Ok, let's stop there. We give up, it's not for us ”. Except no!

This small voluntary bonfire only reinforced our will to continue doing what, in the end, we manage to do quite a bit, namely t-shirts and other derivative products a little spicy sometimes of course, but hey, we are from Reunion anyway!

While all the machines, the stock, the creative work, the archives went down to ashes; that the activity of the company was forced to stop; that everything suggested that Pardon!, it was finished…. The brand has taken off again. The fire of wrath will not have won the flame of the flame Pardon!, neither this time nor the others.

So yes. Believe in yourself, believe always, and keep the hope! When the sky is all black, the stars are just behind. And when it is gray with rain, the sun is already on its way.

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