Pardon !, or eternal youth ...

20, 25, 30 or 40: just numbers! And especially not enough to put the spleen in court-bouillon, as we used to say in the year ... uh ... no matter when we used to use this expression from another time, what we mean is that, you know well, age is a lot and at the same time it is so little.

A story of coquetry? May be. Well, not so sure either. Because after all we are the age we have, and this is what makes our wealth, our charm, our experience. In short, our story. So yes, Pardon ! is 25 years old and fully assumes it.

It's a joke !!! Nah, actually Pardon ! turned 25 in… tada… 2009! And yes already! Haven't you seen the time go by too? And you too would not have thought that the now cult Reunion brand was approaching forty? Well, though. In 2024, Pardon ! will indeed be the age of the dreaded midday demon. And when we know that the demon, at Pardon !, it is in a way written in the DNA, we let you imagine what your favorite brand has in store for you to celebrate this event.

The eye in the retro ...

In the meantime, we wanted to play our nostalgic minute with you by glancing in the rearview mirror, a bit like parents nostalgic for the young years of their offspring, proud to show, with a wet eye and a slightly "acorn" smile. ", The photos of said offspring. Here we go !

Remember! For its 25 years, in 2009 therefore, Pardon ! had the bright idea of ​​setting up a cleaning operation with Edena. On the program: 3 days of circus cleaning and waste collection. At the time, there was already work on the cleanliness of natural sites and ecological awareness. 25 years later, we haven't made much progress but we keep on going, convinced and enthusiastic, because now is not the time to give up!

... to better advance

Well, and then how to celebrate 25 years of Pardon ! without highlighting the brand's other strong values, namely the cult of the bon vivant and Reunion? In 2009, it didn't take long for us to find an answer to this question and the solution to the equation. The famous Bourbon breweries and their no less famous Dodo beer joined the party by offering a pack of four brand new beers whose labels included designs Pardon !.

Orange was also part of the party in 2009 and gave us a very nice gift: pre-paid "special anniversary" cards and iPhone skins in honor of Pardon !. Too much class, we were so happy!

Ahhhhh…. It was those 25 years, wasn't it? How about we do it again for the 40's? That still leaves us a little bit of time in front of us to prepare surprises for you, you can't even imagine what! Neither do we notice, not yet. But the best is yet to come.

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