The presidential election… 5 years after, rebel! It is our right and duty as citizens to go and vote, but between the war, coronavirus, crazy and cholesterol, we don't know where to turn! Who are we going to choose from 12 contenders for the title of President of the Republic ? Who will be able to get us out of here? 

In the meantime, we show you a few key phrases of each of them. 

12 suitors – 1 place at the Élysée 

Nathalie Arthaud wish to ensure that dad has the same paternity leave as mum, who carried and gave birth after 9 months of pregnancy. 

Yannick Janot he wants to punish companies that behave inappropriately and unpleasantly towards the environment. We'll call it a " ecocide ». 

Jean Lassalle wants to smoke his quiet zamal. This is why he wishes to set up the legalization of cannabis. 

Emmanuel Macron wish on his side, leave us free rein in the management of our working time. Let's be smart enough (or less stupid) to work at the right time of life. 

Jean-Luc Melanchon also wants to legalize cannabis and add euthanasia to it. As well as recognition of burnout as an occupational disease. 

Valerie Pécresse has 3 children and she thinks of women. Young women who do not yet have dependent children will be able to benefit from a aid of 900€/year from the birth of the 1st child until the age of 18 ! It's sales ? Should women be convinced to have children for money? 

Philip Poutou, for fear of being fired from an office, wants to prohibit this maneuver in business. The dismissal is over ! 

Fabien Roussel lazy. Reduce the number ofworking hours per week at 32 hours over 4 days, while legalizing euthanasia and cannabis. Everything to have fun or decide to die in 3 weekend days. 

Eric Zemmour wish to ensure that we do not have more points on our license, so as not to lose it again. Much more practical, thank you Eric! Why hadn't we thought of that before?!

Marine Le Pen wants to establish a school uniform and make the free trains to all young people under the age of 25. We are in the school of wizards?! 

Nicolas Dupont-Aignan want to make the free driving license in exchange for a one month community service to pass it? It's like raising money to pay for it, isn't it? 

This is what we have in store the future. contenders for the title of Presidents of the French Republic discuss differing ideas.

What will the people choose? Between the plague and cholera, not too many choices possible… 

/!\ Don't forget the key dates to remember: April 10 and 24, 2022, vote for the least worst contender for the title of President of the French Republic!


For short story, Pardon! has created reversible shirts in 2012 on the occasion of the presidential elections between François HOLLANDE and Nicolas SARKOZY. Convenient for return his jacket (or we will say his SHIRT) on the day of the results!

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