After a year 2021 disrupted by the coronavirus crisis and its vaccines, will the year 2022 sign a slightly more “normal” return ?

That's why, we thought of making you fun and you put glitter in your lives. Subsequently, we released new products and rewarded your loyalty by the madness of our contests !! 🤪


I. We made you happy! 

We also wanted to thank our partners for playing the game and collaborating with us:

  • Run
  • The exotic store
  • Mr. Donuts
  • Egg Devilish
  • The little beach attendant
  • Oguava
  • Blacksheep Van Reunion
  • Pei basket
  • Festiyacht
  • Lady The Fairy
  • Reunion Beef Cart

We have tried to diversify as much as possible the type of gift that it is possible to offer you! Our goal: to make you happy 😈

II) The evolution of social networks

Some of you have noticed it, our social networks have also changed !! Our posts have been varied: happy or not, we have you shared everything !!

Which one did you like the most?

  • Horoscope Pardon: And if we had to release one per month, what do you think? ✨

  • Closing of bars : covid-19 took place, bars and restaurants had to go out of business for a period of time, while the wave of contamination subsides… A year of ups and downs… 😷 We were doing pretty well until there !!

  • Air boxes - limited edition: They make you think twice before understanding what is happening… don't they? Some of you even ask us: "If we open the box, will it really smell like rougail sausage ??? there really is the air of the volcano ??? ". Ladies and Gentlemen, there is air from the volcano, mafate, rougail Sausage and snow peak inside !! 🥫

  • Anti covid-19 masks: will he end up having us? Released in 2020, we almost sold all of the stock we had !! The Banana mask is the one you liked the most it seems. You are awesome 😈

  • Grand Raid: Partners, we were present with our stands at La Redoute and Saint-Pierre! A great race that ends in style in the Capital, many of you have asked us for our 2021 edition Grand Raid t-shirts🥇

  • Creation of the PardonTV : It's Titi le Comik who opens the ball! We ask him questions about Christmas and its hilarious anecdotes… 😈


III. There was something new at Pardon! 

Laundry - Package - Beef Cart

2021 is coming to an end and we wanted to thank you one last time. This year was rich in novelties, with lots of new products:

Washing Pardon!

It was THE new product of the year at PardonReleased at the beginning of July, the Laundry Pardon! was treated to a small evening at Cafe Edouard. Laundry is free from 30 € purchase! 4g of laundry and humor with its pretty matching shopping bag.

You remember ?

PACKAGES THAT COULD NOT! - Release Mid-November

Always available, our packages were all the rage at the end of the year !! Containing a secret and new ingredient, many of you have sent it to your loved ones at the meeting and all over the world !! From Canada, Morocco, to the United States ...

We told you that Pardon! delivered internationally ?? 😍

Did you guess the secret ingredient? Did you like it?

La ox cart Pardon! made the buzz across the Island in mid-November !!

It bottled up a few towns in Reunion Island during its passage. Gifts were distributed, some people were rewarded for their visits to the charrette !! We were in partnership with Freedom. They draw lots for the winners who come to pick up the mini mugs in shops Pardon! 😈

A novelty that caught your eye !!

The gourds pardon make their debut in December to give you Christmas gift ideas 🎁

On the occasion of the end of year celebrations, we also brought out the Boxers Pardon with new patterns !! Do you like them? We love it 😈

Without forgetting your comments and suggestions that we receive every day, it inspires us to create new products, each one crazier than the other !!

IV. Highlights at Pardon! In 2021

  • The release of new collections throughout the year can also be summed up with more or less unusual shooting sessions 😈

  • An evening organized by Pardon! on the occasion of the inauguration of La Lessive Pardon ! to the famous Cathedral Square 

Accompanied by DJ SEBB, it was a burst of madness at Cafe Edouard, a crowd like you could not see anywhere else in these times ... Pardon! hit hard !! 💪🏼

  • The ox cart does around the island : for the Christmas and New Year celebrations, we decided to take out the packages. The ox cart was used to transport packages / gifts to each city where there is a Boutique Pardon!

We made a YouTube video to summarize these days:

The end of the year is near and thanks to you, we have had a (rather) beautiful one. So we want thank you all of the trust you have placed in us and we assure you that we will stand by by your side in 2022, to offer you more humorous content on our t-shirts and social networks as well as contests Pardon!

Pardon! and all his team wish you a happy new year 2022 🥳


See you next year !! 🎊🍾


Pardon! 😈



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