You are not a follower ...

Want to be a "black sheep"? To take a different path? Go on an adventure and go where the wind takes you? Want to reconnect with nature and discover your island differently? We have the solution to your problem.

In association with Blacksheep Van Reunion, we (Pardon!) thought that a little break and a breath of fresh air would do you the most good. So guess what? We invite you to participate in our competition to win a stay of 3 days and 2 nights in the campervan California Comfort. And as if that were not enough, the lucky winner will also win a voucher of 100 euros at Pardon!. Isn't life much more beautiful all of a sudden?

Find your way

Adventurers at heart as much as adventurous, sportsmen, committed to the protection of the environment and who are not even afraid, Pardon! and Blacksheep Van Reunion were made, not only to meet but to collaborate and travel a long way together. A path off the beaten track, we agree!

Because that's the thing that awakens the little spark and awakens the little flame. The thing that makes us vibrate, Pardon! like Black sheep Van Réunion: a taste for adventure, discovery, mobility, nature. Sports, outdoor, road-trip vacations. Do you want more ? Adventure with a capital A.

Who has never wanted to hit the road, like that, on a whim and listening to their heart? No, really, we're serious here! Who has never wanted to go, stop and start again? Feel the wind, taste the contact with nature and take the time? You can see that she is the envy of it. So there you have it, with Black sheep Van Réunion, we thought we were going to help you light the flame.

Reunion differently

And then this stay in a comfortable van is the opportunity to discover Reunion Island from a different perspective. And don't worry about the organization of your trip! Black Sheep will give you a guide listing 124 spots accessible by van, with a map showing their favorite spots. You can also get inspiration from our tourist guide "Reunion my love! ", and why not spend two days at Bras Pranon? When it comes to holidays off the beaten track, we are not bad, you will see!

You will be all set for the big start, and ready for plan B if plan A does not work, for example due to capricious weather which, as you know, is changeable on the island.

Okay, but even if you're not a follower and more of a black sheep, you still have to follower a bit to win the contest and win your “wanderlust escape” trip.

To participate:

Follow @pardon.D &@romainphotography@blacksheepvanreunion

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And wait and see if you're the (very) happy chosen one drawn on 07/04/2021 at 17 p.m. And before that, cross your fingers, pray if you want and, above all, dream of adventure ...

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